WDP launches ambitious climate action plan: M.A.D.E. FOR FUTURE

As a leading player in warehouse development, WDP has integrated its climate goals into its corporate vision and strategy. With the ‘climate action plan to supply the future’, WDP is responding to the expectations of investors and stakeholders for a concrete sustainability agenda – which is crucial for the company’s future. The climate action plan includes the company’s strategy for achieving its climate adaptation goals in accordance with the EU Taxonomy.

(In collaboration with TOSCA (Tribe of Sustainability Change Agents)), CF Report assisted WDP in making the goals concrete, and incorporated them into the M.A.D.E. FOR FUTURE programme. The focus of the climate action plan centres on four themes:

  • sustainable use of materials (M.aterials);
  • embracing the 1.5°C target as the upper limit (A.dapation);
  • reducing the overall carbon footprint, including that of customers (D.ecarbonisation); and
  • committing to the use and autonomous production of non-fossil fuel energy (E.lectrification).

WDP is a pioneer in sustainable logistics and warehousing. CF Report is assisting WDP in meeting the criteria established in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and with integrated reporting.

Written by
Felix Janssens

Published on
Januari 28, 2022