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Woonzorg Nederland: first added value reporting approach in the housing association market in the Netherlands

Woonzorg Nederland is one of the largest housing associations in the Netherlands and focuses entirely on senior housing. With more than 40,000 homes in the social rental sector, the free sector rental and owner-occupied homes sector, there is always a suitable home for every senior home seeker at Woonzorg Nederland.

The ambition of Woonzorg Nederland is to take housing for the elderly in the Netherlands to a higher level. The association does this together with its tenants and partners in housing, care and services. With personal attention, a committed environment and innovative forms of living, Woonzorg Nederland contributes to the fact that tenants can continue to live independently. Even if they need more care.

The Netherlands is aging rapidly. In 2040 there are expected to be 4.8 million people over 65 in the Netherlands. This aging population requires new (collective) forms of housing. With special residential formulas, Woonzorg Nederland fills the gap between ‘the single-family home’ and the nursing home.


Annual report

At the heart of society

Housing associations are at the heart of society and by definition create added value: for their residents, for the neighborhood and for society. That is why CF Report has given value creation a central place in the report. The value creation model therefore acts as an umbrella visual for the report that is built up for each value pillar – from satisfied customers and availability of suitable offers to physical quality and quality of life, as well as livable and caring living and affordability. This creates a clear structure!

Annual Report 2021

In the 2021 Annual Report, Woonzorg Nederland shows what has been achieved per value pillar in the past year, how this has been done and what impact – social value – has been created for customers, employees and society. This new form of reporting is a major step forward for Woonzorg Nederland: the first step towards impact reporting.

The Annual Report also has considerably more images and less text and is made to be easy to navigate. From the table of contents you simply click through (and back) to the sections of your interest. In a beautiful summary online environment, every stakeholder can easily find their way. The report was brought to the attention of stakeholders through a striking social media campaign.

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