Project Description


Woonbron is a leading housing corporation that provides affordable homes in diverse communities for people with acute housing needs. For residents, Woonbron is a partner in comfortable, affordable, and good housing.

For Woonbron, CF developed a digital-first management report (At Home in the Community) that spearheads service performance. The addition of the customer journey map to the report creates a visual storyline of every interaction a customer has with the organisation and allows the services to be measured and optimised.


Reporting platform

The online page of the annual reportis a concise and versatile dashboard that lends itself to continuous reporting. Service organisations are only as good as the last service they provided. The dashboards offer stakeholders insight into the organisation’s current performance.

Woonbron’s strategic pillars – comfortable, affordable, and good housing – are summarised in an integrated animation slider that is linked to the relevant sections in the management report. Together with the key financial and non-financial figures and an overview of KPIs per strategic pillar, the slider provides a complete overview of Woonbron as a modern corporation.

CF Report developed a modern reporting platform based on the digital-first concept with dashboards for continuous reporting and an interactive PDF of the annual report.

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