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International meat producer Vion Food Group (more than 12,281 employees, approximately €4.6 billion turnover) is a game-changer in the relatively closed meat industry.

CF Report is Vion’s consultancy and design partner for corporate communication. We support them with a wide range of activities in reporting, internal branding and value creation. A central focus has been on helping Vion reposition itself as a producer of healthy and protein-rich food products The CSR report has been an important tool within this rebranding process.

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Following an extensive stakeholder analysis, a materiality matrix was drawn up. The matrix is periodically tested for relevance and, if necessary, supplemented or prioritised. The reporting structure is organised according to the material issues. The approach, agenda, dilemmas and outlook for each topic have been brought together in a dashboard, creating a clear structure and steering mechanism.
The most important material themes of food safety, transparency and animal welfare are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and described on the basis of specific objectives.
The SDGs and material topics are integrated within the value creation model.
The CSR report also includes employee profiles, key figures, sales areas, value chain, valorisation, core values, business principles, food trends and stakeholder interviews. Together, these features make the report a widely accessible document.

CF Report contributes to Vion’s wider communications approach with CSR advice, materiality, value creation, selection of CSR topics, GRI Standards, resulting in high-quality documents.

One Vion

Vion’s broad message, ‘wholesale food for millions of people, everyday’, now addresses more than just its suppliers and customers to include a wide range of stakeholders. Where Vion was once a production- and location-oriented meat processor, the company is developing into a product- and food concept-oriented company. With high-quality products and concepts, Vion adds value at each stage of the food value chain. The new value proposition of ‘protein-rich and healthy food producer’ is built on a demand-driven food chain (‘from plate to farmer’), in which quality, taste and animal welfare are central.

Modern Meatmasters care

With a 180-degree turn, Vion Pork has rethought its strategy: from plate to farmer, customers and consumers are central, the chain is shortened, and craftsmanship is brought to the fore as a unique quality.
The new brand identity of the Pork division has been shared and communicated internally and externally in the form of stories, products and people.

The ‘Modern Meatmasters care’ campaign was launched internally to support and strengthen Vion’s vision and business activities. Using an e-zine, CF Report has developed an external platform for stories, cases and products. At the Meatmasters Academy, employees are involved in ‘meat mastership’ and play an important role as ambassadors.

For Vion Pork, CF Report developed the central message ‘Modern Meatmasters care’, to help guide the meat industry’s transition to a demand-driven food chain that focuses on taste and quality.

‘The success of Vion’s CSR programme is partly due to CF Report. With knowledge and creativity, an impressively effective CSR platform has been established. Good reporting contributes to transparency and value chain responsibility, which are both essential for Vion. To support our transformation from meat processor to producer of healthy and protein rich products, we developed an engaging corporate website. With this approach, CF Report has proven that reporting is more than ‘just an annual report’.’

– Nancy Aschman, Group Communication Director Vion Food Group

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Vion’s purpose is to provide Food that Matters by building future-proof protein chains. Food that Matters.

Delivered pigs from farmers participating in Good Farming Balance in the Netherlands

Delivered pigs from farmers participating in Good Farming Balance in the Netherlands

Vion believes in a world where consumers can enjoy safe and healthy food of high quality. Food that tastes good and is sustainably produced. In a world under pressure from over-consuming resources, Vion wants to show it recognises today’s reality and the impact of the food industry.

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