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Annual Report and corporate website for Vastned

Vastned is a listed real estate manager. Vastned focusses on the best real estate in historic inner cities in leading European cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Utrecht, Bordeaux, Antwerp, Brussels, Madrid, Lille, Ghent, Bruges and Maastricht. The value of their real estate portfolio is more than € 1.4 billion.



Corporate website

Purpose: Connecting real estate to society

CF Report developed this new purpose to better highlight Vastned’s social value. Connecting real estate to society emphasizes that Vastned is more than just a financial investor. Due to their active role in the development and preservation of the historic city centres, they contribute directly to a positive experience for consumers, residents and retailers. The new purpose was also directly the theme of the integrated annual report that CF Report developed for Vastned.

Reporting framework: a solid foundation

CF Report developed a new reporting framework based on four pillars: property, profit, planet and people. These are therefore the structural and main themes of the annual report. Along these four pillars, CF Report realized the strategy and business model, the value creation model, integrated KPI dashboards and stakeholder interviews.

Automated and unburdening of the client

By using Sturnis and Wordsflow, CF Report ensured a fully automated import of all data and text into the design environment of the annual report. This ensured an efficient way of working in which the customer remained in control of the entire content that was published in the annual report. This unburdened the customer.

Online reporting platform

Vastned also asked CF Report to develop the online reporting platform. The platform contains the most important parts of the annual report summarized in an attractively designed one pager website. The interviews and real estate data receive extra attention here. Visitors are able to access or download the interactive PDF from the platform. The ESEF file can also be downloaded via the platform. An interesting and impactful social media campaign was created to make the report visible and to surprise stakeholders.

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