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Continuity of and for Sligro

The track record of Netherlands’ leading food wholesale and distribution company is far more impressive than initially assumed. Sligro combines two business models – logistics service provider and wholesale food retailer – in a single company. A company that also provides essential services, such as supplying food to hospitals and other public institutions.

Sligro Food Group

Annual report

Winner Henri Sijthoff Award

Transparency in structure and performance

The information in the annual report, which is produced in two languages, is presented, by design, according to the company’s organisational structure in the countries it operates in. Sligro Wholesale is active in the Netherlands and Belgium, where the Group serves as the umbrella organisation. Specially designed profile and country dashboards define the individual work areas and performance. The integrated annual report, which includes the sustainability report and financial statements, is once again transparent and concise for the second year running.

CF Report has enriched the report with illustrations, dashboards and data stories. Sligro’s scope of responsibility, influence and impact are presented in a correlated manner in the value chain model which, together with a value creation model, provides a wealth of information for the company’s various stakeholders. Financial and sustainability results are summarised in clearly laid-out KPI dashboards.

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Adhering to the tried and tested approach

Sligro’s 2019 Annual Report has won the Henri Sijthoff Award 2020 for outstanding financial reporting based on such metrics as transparency of information, simplicity and completeness. As noted in the report by the panel of judges of the Henri Sijthof Award:

“Sligro Food Group always delivers a concise report that excels in simplicity and transparency of information, with the key figures laid out at the beginning of the report. Despite its conciseness, the report provides a fairly detailed overview of the competition, information about value creation and a thorough financial analysis. It is an integrated report that includes relevant information about non-financial performance and the interests of various stakeholders. The report also stands out for its inclusion of the report by the Supervisory Board, which identifies areas of concern that were not adequately addressed and should have been approached differently – something you rarely see. Sligro also devotes considerable attention to its employees: culture, management, diversity, safety and relationship with the Works Council. The company also looks to the future by including a concise five-year forecast.”

The integrated 2020 annual report is a digital-first interactive report printed in landscape format. The landing page provides a clear overview in the key messages and serves as a platform dedicated to PDF reports. Of course, the annual report was also published in print.

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With the annual report, CF Report has contributed to the transparency and communication of the 2021 annual report by making existing content more relevant and visually engaging – and developing a concise reporting platform.

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