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Royal Schiphol Group is an enterprise that operates Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and holds an ownership stake in three regional airports. With over 2,500 employees, the Group has an ambitious goal of creating the world’s most sustainable, high-quality airports, aiming to operate zero-emissions and zero-waste airports by 2030, and ultimately circular and energy-positive airports. Schiphol is working towards achieving this goal as part of its 2050 vision, which is centred around three principles: quality of network, quality of living environment and quality of service.

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For years, Schiphol has earned high marks for its reporting practices in terms of transparency and impact – thanks to crisp visuals, clear framing and articulation of value creation, coherent reporting framework – and comprehensiveness of financial and non-financial information. In 2019, Royal Schiphol Group picked up the Crystal Award (Kristalprijs) for the second year running, earning itself the top spot in the Transparency Benchmark, and the FD Henri Sijthoff Award 2018 for best annual report in the Netherlands. CF Report has been Schiphol’s reporting partner since 2017.

Safe and Responsible

Even though much of our personal connection currently takes place over MS Teams and Zoom, Schiphol Group continues to fulfil its role as a strategic hub in a global economy. After all, not all meetings or travel destinations are possible digitally. Safe and responsible are the keywords that define Schiphol Group’s commitment to operating in a reliable manner in this new reality.

The annual report sets out, in detail, the challenges facing Schiphol based on the list of material aspects and comprehensive value creation model provided by Schiphol. Schiphol’s mission, i.e. overarching purpose, is – and continues to be – ‘Connecting your world’. CF Report has incorporated this purpose statement in the visuals and updated the appealing online reporting environment, including the comprehensive download centre for PDF versions of the annual report and financial statements.

Online first

Reporting is used as a tool for making data available and providing the right context for that data. The online reporting platform serves as an indispensable switchboard that provides links to all information and reporting products. Data visuals, stories and messages underpin the strategic pillars which, in turn, underpin the vision statement that is laid out in Schiphol 2050. The key facts and figures are presented online in sliders and engaging infotisements that form the basis for a social media campaign. The interaction between web pages and the online annual report helps readers quickly find the information they are looking for. As expected, the interactive PDF version of the annual report, including the unique illustration style, is fully integrated into the Schiphol Group logo.

In the integrated 2021 annual report, CF Report took reporting to a new level. Together with our partner Report Company, we produced the annual report document using the Tangelo content tool and leveraged the online reporting platform to increase reach and availability of relevant documents.

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Schiphol’s Purpose is Connecting Your World

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Schiphol aims to create the world’s most sustainable, high-quality airports as part of its Vision 2050, which is centred around three principles: quality of network, quality of living environment and quality of service.

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