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Royal Schiphol Group is responsible for the operation of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and is the owner of three regional airports in the Netherlands. With more than 2,500 employees and a turnover exceeding €1.6 billion, Schiphol Group’s ambition is to create the most sustainable and high-quality airports in the world. Airports that will be emissions- and waste-free by 2030, with ultimately energy-positive and circular operations. Schiphol Group is working towards achieving this ambition as part of its 2050 vision, which focuses on the quality of network, quality of the living environment and quality of service.

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The Kristalprijs

Schiphol Group plays an important societal role and is accountable to range of stakeholders throughout the Netherlands and beyond. As such, it places a high value on transparency and providing fact-based information. As its reporting partner, CF Report has been working with Schiphol for many years to meet these high expectations. We were extremely proud to see Schiphol Group win the Kristalprijs (“Crystal Prize”) for the most transparent annual report for 2018!

Connecting your world

Naturally, the bar was set high for Schiphol’s 2019 annual report. This report deals extensively with the challenges facing Schiphol, and Schiphol reports on these using the material aspects and a comprehensive value creation model. With the theme ‘Connecting your world’, Schiphol Group’s objective, CF Report has created an attractive online environment, including a download centre for PDF versions of the annual report and financial statements.


In the online environment, the visitor is welcomed by a concise video message from CEO Dick Benschop. By means of data visuals, stories and messages, the visitor is then introduced to the strategic pillars that underpin the new vision of Schiphol 2050. The most important facts and figures are presented online in sliders and ‘infotisements’. The interaction between web pages and the online annual report ensures the reader can quickly find the desired information. Finally, in the Annual Report 2019, Schiphol Group’s corporate identity with a distinctive illustration style has been integrated even better into the visual image of the whole.

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Schiphol’s Purpose is Connecting your world

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Schiphol wants to create the most sustainable, high-quality airports in the world, and operates on the basis of its Vision 2050. Within this vision, Quality of Network, Quality of Life and Quality of Service are central.

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