Project Description

The power of the number strengthens the power of the marketplace

Royal FloraHolland is the global marketplace for flowers and plants. With 3,574 members, 5,064 suppliers and 2,371 (international) customers, more than 23,000 varieties of flowers and plants are traded every day, generating over 100,000 transactions.

Royal FloraHolland

Annual report

Reporting platform

In addition to producing the Royal FloraHolland annual report, CF Report was given the challenge of arranging more than 500 facts and figures in a logical dashboard, to help stakeholders quickly form a picture of Royal FloraHolland’s added value.

CF Report provided a strategic analysis of possible key figures of Royal FloraHolland and developed an online platform in the form of an interactive dashboard. Facilities, financial key figures and HR data, export/import, as well as the top-10 traded flowers, plants and garden plants are presented in a refreshing and creative way.

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Scope CF

Strategic reporting advice
CSR advice – value creation
Texts – interviews – final editing
Integrated reporting
CSR report
IR-support – magazine – website publication
Online reporting
Services and tools