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Connecting the purpose and impact of the world’s largest staffing organisation

Randstad is the world leader in HR services. In a technology-driven world of talent, the company is the ‘human partner’ that helps professionals and organisations realise their ambitions and potential. Since its establishment in 1960, Randstad has earned a reputation for progressive business vision and corporate design.

The redesign of the strategic models within the annual report was part of a strategic reorientation with regard to purpose, value creation and Randstad’s own ‘Ultimate goal’. For Randstad, CF Report’s goal, strategy and services were reviewed and linked from one central idea: ‘Lifetime employability’. The temporary employment organisation connects long-term customers and talent, acting more as a ‘matchmaker’ and as a guide for talent to integral employability throughout their working lives.


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In a clear vision model, ‘Lifetime employability’ is linked in successive rings to the strategy and Randstad’s ultimate goal: supporting people and organisations worldwide and strengthening work. Simon Sinek’s ‘Why-How-What’ model was used as an overarching structure. This connects Randstad’s value creation and impact on society consistently with the vision and goal.

Value creation means making transparent the means by which results are achieved for the company, and for stakeholders and society. Value creation is understood as the direct output of the company and as shared values for stakeholder groups. Randstad’s impact on society defined within the Social Development Goals coincides with its own goal: to support and strengthen the work of more than 500 million people worldwide.

CF Report analysed Randstad’s strategy, advised on the strategic models and developed a new framework, which was used in the Annual Report 2021.

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