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Port of Amsterdam is developing into the ‘Metropolitan port of Amsterdam’ with a unique growth strategy focused on circularity and energy transition and with attractive initiatives in the field of digitisation and sustainability. In that way the port fulfils its role as a battery for the city and a hub for the hinterland. With economic added value of €7.2 billion, the port area is not far behind the Schiphol region.

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Add value with communication

The comprehensive reporting platform was produced for Port of Amsterdam as part of the innovative Core & More structure. Facts and figures, operational progress and targets, stories and cases, all backed up with performance data. The added value of the metropolitan port for the city and region has been illustrated for the first time in a completely new supply chain and value creation model.

Port of Amsterdam’s strategic pillars – faster, smarter, cleaner – provide the framework for the 2018 Annual Monitor (the ‘More’). Each pillar includes interviews, stories and cases, plus relevant dashboards and KPIs. The annual monitor has been designed as a complete magazine that reaches the very diverse target groups. The annual report stays up to date because Port of Amsterdam can use social media to cast the spotlight on relevant cases whenever events demand it.

The ‘Core’ of the annual report relates operational targets, long-term value creation and materiality to the impact that Port of Amsterdam has on the city, region and hinterland. The drivers of added value and results are illustrated by clear infographics covering throughput volumes, the value chain model, value creation and roadmaps.

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The reporting platform is complemented by a video in which CEO Koen Overtoom presents his vision of the strategy, performances and key issues. The 2018 performance reaffirms the message. A sophisticated social media strategy generates high traffic and awareness of Port of Amsterdam’s results. The content calendar is geared to the Annual Monitor, so the reach of the annual report is extended over the year.

CF Report has helped Port of Amsterdam to link the strategy to results and long-term goals with advice, content and design, video, social media content and the production of the annual report and the responsive online platform.

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The record throughput of 82.3 million tons ensured that 2018 was a successful year for the port.

million tons
Throughput in Amsterdam

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The port is becoming faster, smarter and cleaner. 
Port of Amsterdam saw its medium-term strategy continue to take shape in 2018.

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