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Making social added value in childcare visible

Since 1984, Partou has stood for professional, safe, and accessible childcare that contributes to the development of children. Partou is the largest childcare organization in the Netherlands. With almost 9,100 employees, Partou offers day care for 0-4 year old childeren and out-of-school care for 4-13 year old childeren at more than 700 locations. In 2020, nearly 67,000 children attended one of Partou’s daycare centers or after-school care locations.

Together with Partou, CF Report realised a complete metamorphosis of the Social Report 2020. Value creation is central to this: what is the value that Partou generates for children, parents, other stakeholders, and society. An overview of the added value of Partou is provided for each value pillar from a smart value creation model.

At the same time as the Social Report, Partou has also published its Annual Accounts for the first time. This ensures complete transparency.

The report is a communicative online production with an integrated interactive PDF. An attractive social media campaign has also been designed.
The report will give Partou’s reputation as a market leader a significant boost, it can contribute to contact with investors, ensures company pride and contributes to its employer branding.


Social responsibility report

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