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Focus on impact and public value

Operating within the public broadcasting system, NPO coordinates and facilitates television programmes produced by broadcasters. The core of the public broadcasters is to connect and inform all Dutch people and to propagate public values. In a fragmented media landscape and declining viewing and listening behaviour, NPO has to find a new balance between what it costs the taxpayer and how it contributes to a pluralistic society.


Advice reporting and


Retrospect (Terugblik)

Within a five-year reporting cycle, the NPO executes its objectives and accounts for results to stakeholders. Efficiency and public values are central to this approach. Within a fragmented supply and cost-oriented structure, it was felt that the reporting approach failed to adequately take into account NPO’s impact on the public and individuals.

CF Report was asked to advise on a recalibration of the reports in light of NPO’s purpose from the point of view of efficiency.

To deal with the natural reflex of continuous accountability for the structural purchasing range, we decided to start from the basis of ‘what you already have’: the permanent basis as a clubhouse of independent and informed Netherlands. This shifts the focus from costs to value, from scope to impact, and from supply to social effect.

Based on an extensive international benchmark, interviews and work sessions, a future-proof reporting framework was developed.

CF Report created a modern reporting platform based on the digital first concept with dashboards suitable for continuous reporting and an interactive pdf of the board report.

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