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Focus on impact and public value

As part of the public broadcasting system, NPO oversees, coordinates and facilitates the programming of television programmes produced by broadcasters. NPO’s mission is to connect and enrich the Dutch public with programmes that inform, inspire, and entertain. NPO consists of the body of public broadcasters, the NPO organisation and the board of directors. Together, they carry out the public media mission based on the Concession Policy Plan. NPO television programmes receive an average public value score of 8.4, drawing nearly 9 in 10 Dutch viewers per week.


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Reporting platform

NPO fulfils its objectives and communicates the results and mission to stakeholders during a five-year reporting cycle. Efficiency in budget spending and public values are central to this reporting approach as it enables NPO to find the right balance between cost to taxpayers and its commitment to contribute to a pluralistic society.

However, given the fragmented supply and cost-oriented structure, the reporting approach failed to adequately take into account NPO’s impact on the public and individuals.

The NPO effect

As NPO’s reporting partner, CF Report provides a host of services that includes advising on, developing, recalibrating, producing, and updating NPO’s reports during the five-year reporting cycle. Prior to doing so, CF Report strategically set about breaking through the paradox of reach and cost. This shift in focus from reach to impact and from cost to value provides an opportunity for NPO to focus more directly on identifying value creation opportunities: how and what value does NPO add to a connected Netherlands.

Faced with the dilemma of ‘how to address the internal natural reflex of continuous accountability for the structural decline in reach,’ we decided to play to NPO’s strength: the clubhouse of independent and informed Netherlands. NPO’s purpose lies in creating social effect – referred to by CF Report as the NPO effect.
We used an extensive international benchmark, interviews, and work sessions to create a future-proof reporting framework around a structured value creation model that includes a number of new value-driven KPIs.

NPO provides us with the following reports: the annual report, a retrospect of the previous year, the financial report and the overall Concession Policy Plan, produced within a custom-configured Tangelo content management system.

Public values

Everything is brought together on the revamped online accountability platform ‘’, where NPO presents its purpose, vision and strategy involving the five values – agenda-setting, cultural, educational, innovative, and connecting value – including a library containing a wealth of programme recordings. A separate output and outcome overview creates a visual representation of NPO’s impact. All relevant public-oriented reports are available in the download centre. The website is enriched with stakeholder testimonials combined with the passion of programme makers, creating a complete and richly populated reporting website.

CF Report developed a new reporting framework for NPO’s five-year reporting cycle, using a series of value and impact-driven KPIs for the NPO Impact Dashboard. Each year, we coordinate the different reports that NPO produces with the Tangelo tool. With the social value platform, CF Report has created a wide-reaching communication channel dedicated to communicating strategy, value creation and social impact.

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