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IMCD is market leader in the marketing, sales and distribution of specialist chemicals and food ingredients, including for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. With its expertise in chemistry and chemical processes, IMCD adds long-term value to the chain for customers, society and investors. The company has a turnover of €2.7 billion and is active in more than 50 countries with approximately 3,000 employees.


Reporting platform

Annual Report 2019

Eneco schakelt om
Eneco schakelt om

IMCD’s 2019 annual report not only looks back on the past year, but also on its history in the context of the company’s 25th anniversary. CF Report was responsible for the design, a clear overview of the main results via dashboards and a strong visual translation of the information in the report. The value creation model shows how IMCD creates impact through its mission and vision, and its activities. Through storytelling, the reader learns more about the work of IMCD’s business unit. Of course, significant attention was also paid to the company’s efforts in the area of sustainability. The result is a complete, transparent and attractively designed annual report, produced within the Tangelo content management system.

120 slides in 12 minutes

An integral interactive corporate presentation is a powerful tool for communicating the company’s unique story coherently to different shareholders, investors and customers.

IMCD’s business presentation combines the company vision, strategy and operational goals and results per region. In this way, the comprehensive document forms a large library with different types of sheets that are made easily accessible via a theme dashboard and menu function, making it possible to create a tailor-made presentation every time.

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