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A reporting platform for FrieslandCampina with a lot of traffic

With annual revenues of more than €11 billion, FrieslandCampina is one of the largest dairy companies in the world. It has more than 17,000 dairy farmers as members, nearly 24,000 employees and facilities in 36 countries. As well as offering consumer dairy products, the company supplies B2B customers such as bakeries, cafes and restaurants. It also delivers ingredients and semi-finished products to infant nutrition producers, the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector.


Reporting platform

Eneco schakelt om
Eneco schakelt om

Reaching a wide target audience

CF Report developed a reporting platform for FrieslandCampina with a complete and abridged annual report and a communicative website. Readers can quickly find their way to all the information they need, from key figures presented in clear dashboards to a video interview with CEO Hein Schumacher. In this way, FrieslandCampina can engage a broad target audience using relevant facts and figures. The most important information is also shared via FrieslandCampina’s social media channels.

Integrated annual report

Besides the management board report and financial report, FrieslandCampina’s integrated annual report includes the company’s sustainability report, which aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. This fact-based approach shows how the company contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. CF Report has also enriched the report with dashboards, a value creation model and FrieslandCampina’s purpose. CF Report also created content for the annual report website, including interviews, case studies and videos.

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Communicative underpinning

The interactive annual report links cases and interviews to the annual report website. There, within the strategic pillars, the theme ‘Brand growth and sustainable impact’ is communicated with facts, stories, data and so-called ‘infotisements’.

With the reporting platform, CF Report realised a demonstrably larger reach for the ‘single source of truth’ annual report document. We achieved this by making existing content more relevant and visually engaging. We also created new content to make FrieslandCampina’s performance accessible to a broad target group.

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Strategic reporting advice
CSR advice – value creation
Financial annual report
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Nice to know

FrieslandCampina’s purpose is Nourishing by Nature

Ktonnes of CO2 emissions

Ktonnes of CO2 emissions

For better food for the world and good incomes for farmers, now and in the future.

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