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Transparency creates trust

EY opts for a concise annual report as part of what it calls the ‘Core & More’ structure. The relevant reports are organised around the annual report on the reporting platform. ‘Moving forward together’ is the leading theme for the foreword, visualisations, staff testimonials and video content. In cooperation with Bondt Communicatie (creators of the copy) and the reporting team at EY, CF Report has created a distinctive reporting platform.


Reporting platform

Reporting platform

Eneco schakelt om

A video message from Coen Boogaart, Chairman of the Board of Directors, on the opening page of the reporting platform introduces the annual report. In addition, video posts on social media drive additional ‘traffic’ to the reporting website. These features also make the annual report more relevant and strengthen EY’s employer brand.

The central pillars of the annual report are a condensed reporting website (complete with video interview with Mr Boogaart), performance dashboards and a download centre. The ‘More’ of the reporting platform contains the English-language annual accounts, the GRI report, the transparency report and extensive CR and SDG reports. Together with carefully compiled annual accounts, contemporary integrated annual report that makes EY a leader player in the accountancy and consultancy market in the Netherlands.

Theme: Moving forward together

EY Nederland operates in a rapidly changing, complex environment. An agile, multidisciplinary approach is essential. EY invests in innovation, has an eye for inclusiveness and combines a range of specialisms to answer complex customer questions. This results in added value for clients, employees and society at large. In the report, various EYers are profiled and given the chance to have their say. They explain what collaboration means to them, both within the organisation and outside. We also strengthened this message using a distinctive photo concept that will again enable EY to present itself as an organisation of engaged professionals.

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EY’s Purpose: Building a better working world

hours spent on social activities

hours spent on social activities

Increasing the confidence and credibility of business and economies around the world is one of the key drivers for EY. The company is committed to sustainable growth, human capital and talent development, as well as increased collaboration.

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