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Engaging and Building Confidence

EY Netherlands is a member firm of the EY global network, a leading provider of Assurance, Tax and Transaction Advisory services. With 700 offices in more than 150 countries, 4,600 employees and a network of partners in the Netherlands, EY operates worldwide, bringing in €900 million in annual revenues globally. The organisation’s philosophy is best summed up in the credo that guided its founder, Alwin Ernst: “We are only as good as our people”. Today, EY uses its knowledge and professional services to build a better working world for its clients and society.


Annual report

CF Report is EY’s reporting partner for brand-building activities and annual Core & More reports.

We produce the integrated annual report, the CSR and Transparency Report, and promote their publication through a video post to ensure greater outreach to stakeholders.

Theme: Resilience

The 2019/2020 report is marked by the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. A fractured year where exciting opportunities were put on hold as the organisation scrambled to adapt to the new reality. As a result, the scope of the annual report is limited to key information and the management report. Together with Bondt Communicatie (responsible for authoring the content) and the EY reporting team, CF Report has produced a distinctive report. Resilience is the central theme, i.e. organisational resilience to respond and adapt to unexpected events.

In the video post, Coen Boogaart, chairman of the Board of Directors, talks about EY’s results, ability to adapt and employee engagement during the dramatic year. With over 15,000 views, the video has effectively helped get the message out and promote the brand and organisation.

EY Netherlands operates in a rapidly changing, complex environment that calls for agility and multidisciplinarity. EY invests in innovation, fosters inclusivity, and integrates different areas of expertise for complex client issues, all of which create added value for clients, employees and society.

The CSR Report highlights EY’s best practices with data stories about community investment and the impact on sustainability themes in its long-term value creation strategy. A qualitative/quantitative CSR dashboard shows CSR in a nutshell on a single A4 page.

Brand and confidence are effectively built around people. After all, it is the people who do the heavy lifting. With a series of (video) interviews, we focus on the personal aspect of EY’s purpose: the contributions individuals make to the organisation’s performance. The introduction of EY Netherlands’ new board of directors is one of the many examples. This, too, is more than a report.

CF Report contributes to accessibility, transparency, and confidence in EY Netherlands by creating strategic layouts and designs for various reports (Integrated Report, CSR Report, Transparency Report) and using brand and engagement video interviews as transparent and visually appealing tools to communicate EY’s goals and performance to a diverse group of stakeholders.

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Purpose EY: Building a better working world

hours spent on community activities

hours spent on community activities

Increasing the trust and credibility of business and economies around the world is one of the key motives for EY. EY is committed to sustainable growth, human capital and talent development and increased collaboration.

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