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A major player in the energy sector, Eneco is leading the charge in the transition to renewable energy. Together with its customers and partners, Eneco is working to make its mission ‘Renewable Energy for All’ a reality. Not only has the company ramped up its production and delivery of renewable energy, but it also develops products and services that enable consumers and businesses to produce, store, use, and share the commodity. With €5.2 billion in revenue, nearly 3,000 employees, and a steady course, Eneco is the European leader in energy transition.

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From Change to Continuity

The 2021 Annual Report is a special one for Eneco; it is the first report that reflects the new shareholder structure. Eneco is currently owned by Mitsubishi Corporation (80%) and Chubu Electric Power (20%). The annual report builds on the previous years, but a couple of new elements have been added into the mix: Renewable Energy for All, strategic choices as the cornerstone for value creation. According to Eneco, it creates impact for consumers, society, shareholders, and its employees. Each of these four dimensions is reported in mini-case studies from different stakeholders. The Eneco annual report is characterised by a high degree of transparency, partly due to overviews and dashboards with simple and clean layouts. Renewable energy production occupies a separate section in the management report. The interaction between the online environment and the PDF file enables the reader to cut to the core of the desired information. The Eneco annual report is produced within Tangelo, where specific sections are by default configured in Eneco’s brand typeface.

Moreover, this year’s CEO video featuring As Tempelman links the new strategic goals with operating results in a very personal way, providing colour and drive to Eneco’s ambitions to be the top renewable energy producer.

Energy Figures – Sustainability Performance Online

The online dashboard ‘Energy Figures’ shows Eneco’s current sustainability performance and non-financial information. This type of continuous reporting presents complex non-financial information, often from multiple sources, in a coherent and logical format. Validated up-to-date data provides transparency into Eneco’s mission (Renewable Energy for All), offering insight into Eneco’s progress in its ambition to transition to renewable energy. As such, continuous reporting acts as a catalyst for the transformation; it serves as the sustainable dipstick, as it were.

Current figures on total production capacity and total energy produced – for onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, biomass and conventional energy – are provided in detail and broken down by country, making the Energy Figures dashboard a one-stop source for Eneco’s non-financial data.

‘CF is professional reporting partner that helps Eneco with its extensive know-how and creativity in online first reporting. CF has been at the heart of our plans to communicate our non-financial (energy) figures on a continuous and transparent basis via our website. Idea, design and design make Eneco’s ambition tangible. Ultimately, it’s about reporting supporting Eneco’s strategy. Among other things, by showing how Eneco creates value, helps customers and society to switch, and makes sustainable energy possible for everyone.’

– Edwin van de Haar, Manager Media Relations & PR, Eneco

CF Report is the reporting partner for Eneco. We develop and produce annual and semi-annual reports and continuous reporting dashboards.

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Eneco Group’s brand message is: Living within the earth’s borders.

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We live within the boundaries of one Earth. Sustainable energy for everyone. Eneco Group is committed to the Paris climate agreement and is the market leader in the energy transition.

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