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Smart and effective reporting at global level

With an annual turnover of €44 billion, Continental AG operates in the highly competitive international market of rubber applications for automotive, mobility and safety technology. The operating result is determined by market volume and margin. Continental Automotive Purchasing purchases materials and semi-finished products worldwide. Effective procurement and monitoring of global procurement flows are essential for sustainable growth.

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Reporting desk

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Having quickly, consistently and continuously up-to-date figures and analyses available is critical for management and procurement. More than 40 reports with over 150,000 data points are made available each quarter. Summaries of these form the basis for actions by top management and the Executive Board. However, there was previously little consistency in data structure and reporting. After extensive data analysis, KPI definition and UX/UI design, CF Report has developed a complete reporting desk that enables Continental Automotive Purchasing to report faster and more effectively.

We have helped Continental Automotive Purchasing with a financial and procurement reporting tool that contributes to effective risk assessment, planning and management actions.

Semi-automated dashboarding

The solution has been developed with VBA coding in Office 365, in combination with a smart add-in. Different ‘views’ (at regional, divisional and business unit level) are generated from a modular data and template structure. The complex reporting cycle and the many reports have been streamlined by the modular structure of smart data, reference data and read-outs. Management summaries in PowerPoint are easily compiled from the reports, with all data permanently linked to the Excel reports. The reporting desk developed by CF Report contributes to the reduction of the ‘change gap’ by continuously providing management with up-to-date procurement and risk information and making the data widely and ‘on brand’ accessible to the Continental community.

“With our new branding and our reworked reporting structure we demonstrate our competencies and professionalism more than ever. The modular and flexible reporting elements fit well to the requirements of our department and teams. The design presents a high recognition value and is a good fit with our international company structure. With CF Report we found a capable partner for the whole strategic and creative process and in the end, we achieved a really compelling result.”

– Nicol Schrader, Continental Automotive GmbH, Head of Automotive Purchasing Controlling

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