Project Description Technology impacting Life develops what is known as conversational commerce software. With revenue of € 237 million, the listed company is a world leader in payment and interaction platforms, known briefly as: CPaas (Communications Platform as a service). is ‘shaping the future’ with the smartphone as a means of communication. Founded in 1999, operating with 23 branches around the world with more than 750 employees.


Reporting platform

Mobile is the remote control for your life develops and continually improves solutions for businesses and consumers to connect with each other. These solutions serve mainly a social purpose. For example, having shopping and other purchases delivered at home safely, quickly and conveniently, settling digital transactions safely, bringing large groups together for events or arranging appointments and treatment at hospitals smoothly and reliably. CF Report has designed the 2021 Annual Report with these social impacts in mind. De narrative is Technology impacting life with a focus on the strategy and long-term value creation that strives to achieve.

Meet the Management Board

CF Report has given leadership a platform. The agenda for the future is outlined in brief interviews with the CEO, CFO and COO. In combination with a visually developed growth strategy, the vision, strategy, value creation and results are structured and connected. Together with the client, CF Report is also responsible for the entire text, including the sections on strategic elements such as strategy, technology, risk management and ESG.

Eneco schakelt om
Eneco schakelt om

Strategy made tangible

The continuous movement of reach, automation, personalisation, transactions and connectivity are central to the value creation of Making the user experience easier, safer and more beautiful contributes to the impact that is created.
Technology in itself is not a tangible product. In a fast-changing environment, cohesion between strategy, capacity and results is essential. With clear strategic visuals linked to a range of social impacts, the value added by this company is truly visible for the first time.

Reporting platform

70% of CEOs see reporting as a means of creating trust in the future. Reporting is about more than just looking backwards, it is about creating trust in the future with transparent and substantiated facts and figures. Integrated in Investor Relations section on the website, the online reporting platform brings together strategy and objectives, interactive pdf documents and a video statement from the CEO. For the first time, the added value and financial return of are clearly illustrated with actual examples and cases.

CF Report has taken care of the complete production of the annual report. As a strategic reporting partner, we have made the first step this year towards the CSRD (the EU Corporate Social Responsibility Directive, mandatory from 2024) with a new reporting framework. CF Report has provided the full content realisation (including text, photography and video production) as well as the production of an offline and an online annual report.

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