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Boels Annual Report 2021

The Sittard-based familyrun company Boels specializes in rental equipment for individuals and companies. With nearly 7,000 employees operating in 18 countries and sales of €1.3 billion, it is Europe’s second largest rental company. Every five years, the company doubles in size. This increases the importance of transparency and accountability through reporting. The 2021 report is Boels’ first step towards Ingrated reporting.


Reporting platform

Shared resources simplified

Boels’ mission (to establish itself as the rental market leader with strong positions in Europe, excellent performance, partner of choice for customers, sustainability and digitalisation) is the central focus of the report. Key figures, financial and non-financial performance are reported together for the first time. Reporting is consistently built around the vision ‘shared resources simplified’. The newly developed value creation model and the visualised value chain show how and where Boels adds value to its customers, employees, users and society, and the crucial role that digitalisation and sustainability play in that regard.

Investor Relations integrated into Boels’ corporate website

Reporting is so much more than just a report. It enables fact-based communication of goals, value and results for and with a broad stakeholder audience. It also generates confidence about the company’s direction and performance, setting out how vision and ambitions contribute to the expectations of internal and external stakeholders. To this end, CF has created an Investor Relations page on Boels website where all financial and non-financial information, in part from the perspective of IR (Investor Relations), is visualised. This platform contributes to the connection between Boels and its broad stakeholder audience and offers space for a concise explanation of how the company contributes to specific themes (e.g. sustainable growth).

The annual report provides insight into how vision, mission and strategy are linked. The detailed, transparent, and visual report also shows how Boels adds value to its customers with state-of-the-art cases.

CF Report offered all-round service to Boels consisting of reporting narrative, written content, creative concept, design, layout, press releases, production and publication of printed matter, video content in 14 languages, the annual report ‘at a glance’ for internal communication purposes and the development of Investor Relations online.

’With the growth and professionalisation of the Boels Rental Group, there was a need for the next step in reporting. With CF Report’s fresh perspective and expertise, we were able to develop and roll out qualitative reporting platform, with convincing and surprising results.’

– Jan Piet Valk, Chief Financial Officer, Boels Group

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