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Impact reporting for Auping

For more than 130 years, Auping has been working on the best ways to rest. Every Auping product is therefore characterized by customization, handcraftsmanship and craftsmanship. Each bed is made with attention to detail, for the environment and for the future. With around 420 employees and more than 540 European sales points and activities in 30 export countries, Auping produced more than 131,00 mattresses, beds and box springs in 2021.


Reporting platform

Sleep is a trending topic

Sleep is a trending topic and the most important factor in feeling fit and energetic. In a world where weare more often on than off, get impulses 24/7, and have screens all around us, we want everyone to get good-quality sleep at night. Sleeping well is crucial for the recovery of your body, your muscles and organs, and your mind. It improves your mood and makes you a more fun person to be around.

Family business

As a family business operating out of the Dutch town of Deventer, Auping is fully aware of its role and responsibilities in a changing world. Sustainability is in Auping’s fibers and that is why Auping makes more and more mattresses of which all parts are reusable. In this way, Auping is working towards a world without waste and is committed to an even more beautiful world every day. This is how Auping makes its dreams — and those of future generations — come true, so that everyone can go to bed with peace in
their minds. This is how Auping brings rest to the world.

B Corp

Auping is a B Corp. The B Corp certification is an international certification for companies that have a major, positive impact on people and the environment. These companies have given sustainability a permanent place in their DNA and know how to create value in several ways.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2021

CF Report has been selected by Auping to bring CSR reporting to the next level. CF Report therefore first developed a reporting framework. Central to this is how Auping creates value for all its stakeholders by:

  • A circular value chain: the pathway to a fully circular product range.
  • Energy-efficient operations: from factory to the use of space to transport, the pathway to fully sustainable production.
  • Care for people: genuine consideration for employees and suppliers.
  • Governance and risk management: the basis of sustainable business practices.

This structure is summarized on the basis of data in the value creation model and fully elaborated per pillar with dashboards, data visuals, text explanations and attractive interviews. Extensive attention is also paid to the sustainable DNA of the company.

The information is summarized and presented visually in an attractive digital environment.
This set-up has resulted in an innovative report that provides insight into the sustainable impact of Auping in a very transparent manner.

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