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The profitability of supermarket chains is mainly related to the cost structure.

The development of sales and performance dashboards helps to have these insights within reach in real time as a management tool at management level and in the local distribution centres and stores.

Monitoring personnel costs and deployment not only increases returns but also provides good insight into the correlation between loss, loss and timeliness, and revenue at the checkout.

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Distribution dashboards

Shop dashboards

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Shop dashboards

For the shops and distribution centres, specific KPIs were developed and accommodated within an attractive, user-friendly dashboard environment. The dashboards provide deeper insight into performance, all the way down to product and employee level.

Incentives play an important motivational role. In addition to hard performance indicators, soft HR data is included, contributing to the performance of the local store teams.

By using focus groups in the development of the design, the development and design process has been accelerated. Clear proprietary data visualisation contributes to the success of the dashboards.

The dashboards were built on Oracle OBIEE software and further developed in collaboration with Ahold IT.

CF developed reporting tools and financial, planning and logistics dashboards for Ahold-Dehaize and Albert Heijn.

‘Dashboarding enables Albert Heijn to report and monitor more effectively. The result-oriented tools made by CF Report mean we can produce unambiguous reports and performance dashboards becoming our single source of truth. That strengthens our business day by day.’

– Hendrik-Jan Roel, CFO Albert Heijn

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