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The world’s leading provider of market-based sustainability solutions

ACT Commodities is the global leader in connecting buyers and sellers of energy certificates and physical energy products. Founded in 2009, ACT specialises in energy efficiency certification, renewable energy certificates and carbon emission trading. With offices in Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai and Paris, the company currently trades around 70 products in a large number of markets in over 40 countries. ACT has a robust track-record of continuous strong growth across a broad range of categories.

ACT Commodities

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

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The Power of Dashboarding

In the reporting year, a strategic visual shows that ACT purchased 690 TWh of green energy for companies, offset 120 MT of CO2 emissions through the purchase and sale of carbon emission certificates and traded 193 TWh of electricity in the reporting period. A visual representation of the equivalents is shown to illustrate the scale of these events: 17% annual capacity of total electricity generation in the U.S., 633,000 km2 of CO2-free forest lands and 70% of annual electricity consumption in France. Unprecedented in size, ACT’s network offers an unparalleled level of choice, service, and guaranteed reliability.

Core and More for Seven Entities

For the second year running, CF Report has provided the design and layout of the English version of the annual report and financial statements of ACT Commodities Group B.V. and six affiliated business entities, using infographics to illustrate their growth, services, and products. Information about governance, risk and transparency is highlighted in and supported by well-designed financial statements and results. Building on the concept of the 2019-2020 annual reports, the 2020-2021 reports stand out for their creative use of data and information visualisation – i.e. dashboards, graphs and visuals – especially where ACT’s service portfolio is concerned.

The importance that ACT Commodities places on sustainability and social responsibility is reflected, among other things, in the presentation of cases on sustainable projects and a separate CSR section where ACT Commodities’ policy, initiatives and CSR programmes are presented through illustrative storytelling.

CF Report has produced a total of 14 annual reports and separate financial statements for the various business units: ACT Financial Solutions, ACT Financial Solutions Holding, Sustainable Market Solutions, ACT Fuels, ACT Energy and ACT Commodities. Summaries were provided to a number of entities. The annual reports of ACT Commodities Group and ACT Financial Solutions are available as interactive PDFs.

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