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First Integrated Annual Report for ABP

For nearly 100 years, ABP has been a trusted pension fund provider for government and education workers. With approximately 1.2 million participants and 3,468 affiliated employers, ABP is one of the largest pension funds in the world. ABP implements the pension plan agreed by the social partners in the Pension Chamber. APG, the pension administrator, is responsible for the operational implementation of the pension plan. ABP reported €551.6 billion in (available) investment assets at year-end 2021.


Annual report

For many years, ABP had a dual reporting system: an annual financial report and a sustainable and responsible investment report. In 2020, however, ABP’s Board of Directors decided to streamline the two reports into a single integrated report. After a successful pitch, CF Report was selected as reporting consultant and design agency.
During the reporting process, CF Report worked together with APG (client), communications and finance departments of ABP (project owner), Report Company (project management), Van Enk Communicatie (content) and Mattmo (software supplier).

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Creating Real Value

Value creation is central to CF Report’s advice and approach. Together with ABP’s think tank, we developed an integrated value creation model during a number of work sessions. The model has a coat rack function in the report, appearing above the content section of input, added value, output and outcome. The report is clearly structured along these lines. Each section closes with a case that highlights ABP’s social role and the perspectives of various stakeholder groups. CF Report also created numerous dashboards that display impressive data visualisations of ABP’s position in the pension market, financial performance and sustainable and responsible investments. The result is an engaging and user-friendly integrated report.

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Reporting Platform

To enable access to the report, we also developed a reporting website with an overview of the dashboards, value creation, interviews and an impressive download centre. The download centre is a one-stop-shop for viewing the interactive PDF, the entire table of contents and, of course, downloading the annual report.

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