NPO Five-Year Reporting Cycle: Value Creation in focus

Just published: NPO (Dutch Foundation for Public Broadcasting) social value platform for measuring and evaluating the public broadcaster’s impact among a broad target audience.
Over the past year, CF Report has helped facilitate a cultural shift within NPO by implementing a new five-year reporting cycle to evaluate NPO’s impact and effectiveness and translate costs and reach into quantifiable and measurable indicators. NPO’s added value lies in its contribution to a connected Netherlands.
The social value platform is based around objectives, insights, case studies/best practices and performance indicators. It is enriched with insights from media experts, programme makers’ passion, NPS scores, and an update of the strategic goals supported by cases/programmes on the five core values. It helps leverage the power of reporting to promote the NPO brand.

Value creation NPO

Written by

Felix Janssens

Published on

June 16, 2021