Full CSRD compliance – transparency, value creation and risks

The CSRD, which has been adopted by the European Union, is part of the Green Deal and encourages businesses to report on both financial and non-financial impacts of energy transition and climate adaptation.

As of 2024/2025, many businesses will be required to report on the environmental and social impacts of their business practices. Which CSRD criteria should your future sustainability report satisfy and how can you achieve that?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires businesses to report transparently on their sustainability policies, performance on key material themes and the impact and risks they create for their stakeholders. In concrete terms, this means, focus on sustainability initiatives and ESG metrics, dual materiality (impacts on the environment versus impacts of climate change on the business) and value creation.

Written by
Felix Janssens

Published on
November 9, 2022

Our roadmap to CSRD compliance

Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to advise a number of clients on the development and refinement of their sustainability strategy, including the measurement and reporting of goals based on established KPIs and the practical roadmap we have developed for this purpose.

In 2021, we helped WDP, a major player in logistics real estate, achieve full compliance with the CSRD. From annual report 2021 onwards, all necessary steps will be taken every year to ensure continued compliance. In addition, CF Report also assisted WDP in developing a climate action plan (M.A.D.E. for FUTURE) that includes climate objectives and a solid sustainability agenda.

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Sustainability roadmap for Cornelis Vrolijk

Our roadmap was also successfully implemented in the development of the sustainability strategy of Cornelis Vrolijk. A family-owned business since 1880, Cornelis Vrolijk is a major global player in the fishing industry. Using the roadmap, we worked closely with a great number of employees within the company and conducted interviews and workshops to formulate and establish the sustainability strategy, including ambitions, goals, KPIs, value creation, materiality assessment, a reporting framework and a plan of action for refining the strategy. We are currently in the final phase of the process.

For this project we worked together with our partner TOSCA, Tribe of Sustainability Change Agents.

CSRD Roadmap

Where do you stand currently? Following the steps in our roadmap, we will help you achieve full compliance with the CSRD.

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