ESG – framework for sustainability reporting

The non-financial impacts of a company’s business practices, known as ESG, feature more strongly than ever on the agendas of regulators and investors. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are the three key criteria used to evaluate a company’s commitment to adopting actions and measures that promote corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices. A good ESG framework reduces risks and contributes to value creation. Ignoring ESG factors is not an option; a business that has no ESG framework in place has no future. Or, as Lao Tzu famously said, “If you do not change your direction, you may end up where you are heading”.

We are increasingly asked by a variety of companies and organisations to develop a sustainability strategy and report for them. Harnessing our expertise, we’ve made great strides in sustainability reporting for a number of clients.

Recently, in partnership with TOSCA, Tribe of Sustainability Change Agents, we developed and published the 2021 ESG report for Daiwa House Modular Europe. Daiwa House Modular Europe is a member of the Daiwa House Group and an industry leader in modular building solutions. 

Written by
Felix Janssens

Published on
November 9, 2022

Daiwa House Modular Europe is committed to a sustainable and circular value chain. The circular value chain has been visualised and supported by practice-based examples in the report for the first time, thereby accounting for all the materials and energy used by the company. Daiwa House Group places great value on the safety and well-being of its employees and offers flexible and efficient solutions for current and future social demands. Value creation and dual materiality are interconnected.

Thus, each section includes detailed reporting on all material topics: the policy and strategy, the relevant SDGs, the 2021-2050 roadmap, the action plan to achieve objectives and, ultimately, the performance. Daiwa House Modular Europe has taken a professional and transparent reporting step with their first-ever sustainability report. In the move towards digital reporting and dashboarding, a section has already been set up online.

For the Daiwa ESG Report 2021, TOSCA was responsible for the content plan and the content production.

“ESG is an integral part of our strategy to create a more sustainable future. For the realisation of our ESG report, we found an experienced and committed partner in CF Report. The cooperation with Tosca & CF Report has proved very successful. Knowledge of the ESG themes in relation to an attractive presentation formed the basis for a complete and clear report. With this ESG report, Daiwa House Modular Europe can convincingly enter the dialogue with decisive stakeholders and live up to our role as a leader in the sector.”

– Michiel Gieben – Head of marketing & communication