Completely new online environment Raetsheren

On behalf of the largest insurance broker in the Netherlands, Raetsheren, CF Report has developed a new proposition and a completely new online environment. Raetsheren has undergone the necessary changes. The world around them has also changed. In an increasingly international insurance world, fundamental changes in risk management have implications for clients, insurers and the role of Raetsheren itself.  Self-steering with Raetsheren turns traditional “what if”-risks and “despite”-uncertainties into “thanks to” calculated opportunities.

Responsible risk-based entrepreneurship makes companies better and more aware. Raetsheren shows leadership by turning the risk paradox into active risk steering. Self-steering with Raetsheren is the starting point and goal of the new website. Interaction with customer questions and needs is organised via specially designed customer inputs.

Written by
Felix Janssens

Published on
December 19, 2022

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CF Report guaranteed the new design and brand update, the technical development of a completely revamped CMS, the content and copy, in short, the complete production. In the coming period, we will further develop the platform with a number of podcasts tailored to market demands. Besides the corporate website, we also modernised the jobboard en recruitment website including video stories. Based on years of customer knowledge and insights into the insurance world, we are able to bring such a complex operation to an appealing and future-oriented result.