CF Report visualizes the energy transition

Port of Amsterdam, Schiphol, Tata Steel, Gasunie, Nobian, Vattenfall, Alliander, Province of North Holland, Municipality of Amsterdam, MRA, Zaanstad Maakstad, ORAM and Projectbureau NZKG have united to accelerate the transition to hydrogen and have expressed the ambition that the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the North Sea Canal Area (NZKG) will develop itself into an international Hydrogen Hub in the coming decades. CF Report is affiliated as a strategic design partner with the aim of literally putting the energy transition on the map.

ORAM: dazzling animation

Commissioned by the ORAM and in good cooperation with all the above-mentioned parties, CF Report first realized a dazzling animation of the energy transition around the North Sea Canal Area (KZKG).

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Written by
Pieter Koenders

Published on
Oktober 19, 2021

Position Paper ‘Hydrogen Hub – Amsterdam NZKG’

CF Report also designed the Position Paper ‘Hydrogen Hub – Amsterdam NZKG’: accelerator of the hydrogen economy’, in which the plans for the Hydrogen Hub are described. The aim is to really put the area within the Netherlands and Europe on the map and to clarify existing and future initiatives.

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World Hydrogen Congress

During the World Hydrogen Congress on October 6, 2021, Alderman Victor Everhardt presented this Position Paper. The alderman states that: ‘The unique characteristics of the Amsterdam-NZKG region give hydrogen an excellent starting position to realize new, sustainable and unique value chains for the Netherlands, such as CO2-free steel and clean fuels for maritime and aviation.’

CF Report has also created an interactive map to provide the conference with dynamic insights into the transition. On the one hand, the map provides insight into the intended CO2-neutral energy flows and, on the other hand, extensive information about the current hydrogen projects in the NZKG that will contribute to the ambition of Amsterdam and NZKG to become an international Hydrogen Hub.

Alderman Victor Everhardt of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

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High visit for the province of North Holland

How can governments and companies in North Holland and Japan help each other to put hydrogen on the map in North Holland? This question was central to a theme dinner, the first in a series of meetings to bring regional and international companies and governments together to work together on a number of major issues of today.

In this context, host Arthur van Dijk, Commissioner of the King of North Holland invited Hidehisa Horinouchi, Ambassador of Japan in the Netherlands. In order to provide the dinner with good information, CF Report realized an interactive map for these meetings that makes all projects related to the energy transition projects in the province of North Holland visible. The King’s Commissioner stated that: ‘In the transition to a sustainable global economy, cooperation between countries and the sharing of scientific and economic knowledge is of the utmost importance.’

Arthur van Dijk, Arthur van Dijk Commissioner of the King of North Holland, Hidehisa Horinouchi, Ambassador of Japan in the Netherlands, and Commissioner Edward Stigter with in the background the interactive map of CF Report.

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